Iran State-Media Columnist: Nazi Germany 'No More Evil' than US, UK, Jews During WWII

Iran State-Media Columnist: Nazi Germany 'No More Evil' than US, UK, Jews During WWII

A commentator at PressTV, one of Iran’s state-run news networks, has declared Nazi Germany on equal moral footing to its US, UK, and “Zionist Jew” opponents during WWII.

PressTV’s Brandon Martinez vented his disgust that many were upset following revelations a California school had assigned 8th grade students to discuss whether the Holocaust was a made-up story “for political and monetary gain.”

The author, who frequently promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, aired his Iran regime-approved grievances against the “Zionist Jews.”

“Zionists have unleashed their fury upon the school district’s administrators for daring to allow any debate on the sacred [Holocaust],” Martinez writes.

The columnist continues, arguing the “Evil Nazi” portrayal is a false depiction. In fact, he contends, the Nazi was “no more evil than the Allied powers, no more racist than Britain or America or [the] Zionist Jews themselves” during World War II.

The May 10 article should come as no surprise to those familiar with the writer’s work.

In February, Martinez wrote a piece that implied the Islamist terrorist attacks of 9/11 were actually the result of collaboration between Israel and George W. Bush.

In January, he declared that 9/11 was Israel’s “grandest deception.”

Martinez has friendly company among the Iranian state-media organization. Former Klansman David Duke, overt anti-Semite Kevin Barrett, and the holocaust-denying Michael Santomauro round out a few of his fellow colleagues at PressTV.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has echoed the writer’s sentiments.

In a February 2006 speech to the Iranian Air Force, Khamenei stated, “A more important topic is one that shames Western culture in terms of freedom of speech… This same freedom of speech – which they [i.e. the West] constantly champion – does not permit anyone to question the topic of the myth of the Jewish slaughter known as the Holocaust.”


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