South Korea: North Korea 'Must Disappear' Soon; North: We Will 'Wipe Out' South

South Korea: North Korea 'Must Disappear' Soon; North: We Will 'Wipe Out' South

A spokesperson for South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense discharged a strongly worded statement during a press briefing that was extremely critical of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

The spokesman on behalf of South Korea said it considered the Communist state an illegitimate authority and condemned it for its consistently inhumane activity.

“Can North Korea even be regarded as a country? Is there human rights? Is there freedom? It continues to make false claims that are historically retrograde. It’s a country that cannot exist and should disappear soon,” said spokesman Kim Min-seok.

The heated rhetoric comes in response to the South Korean government’s recent apprehension of three drones near the North-South border. Seoul has also been troubled by Pyongyang’s preparations for its fourth nuclear missile test.

According to South Korean news agency Arirang, the comments from the defense ministry are highly unusual. The rhetoric coming from Seoul officials is usually light or tempered down so as not to incite the North Korean regime in Pyongyang.

North Korean officials responded Tuesday by threatening to “wipe out” South Korea. An “all-out merciless” series of strikes will “wipe out every last person,” said Pyongyang’s state-media. “We will not sit idle by while this mad dog keeps barking noisily,” said another state-dispatch.

The North and South neighbors had recently agreed not to slander each other publicly, but North Korea has on multiple times broken the accord. A recent state-media article described South Korean female President Park as an “old prostitute coquetting with outside force.”

North Korea has also often directed racist rhetoric at US President Barack Obama. An article recently published in North Korea’s state-media referred to president Obama as a “wicked black monkey.”


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