Congo: Over 300 Killed in Retaliation for Attacks Blamed on 'Prophet'

Congo: Over 300 Killed in Retaliation for Attacks Blamed on 'Prophet'

The Paris-based Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) claims the government of the Democrat Republic of Congo has killed over 300 people–“mostly civilians”–in retaliatory action for December 30th “attacks blamed on a self-proclaimed ‘prophet.'” 

The December attacks are being blamed on “pastor and former presidential candidate Joseph Mukungubila Mutombo, who is known by his followers as ‘the Eternal Prophet.'”

According to AFP, “the government had previously denied that any citizens were killed in the hunt for the perpetrators of the coordinated December 30 attacks.” But on May 22, FIDH said, “‘Some 250’ civilians and six soldiers have been killed in the Kantanga province … and another 71 civilians killed in Kinshasa.”

Moreover, FIDH said the toll is still not exact “because there were people, according to some witnesses … who were thrown into the Katanga river.” These witnesses also claim there are “people that are in mass graves.”

On December 30th, followers of “the Eternal Prophet” allegedly “stormed the state television station, international airport, and military headquarters in Kinshasa.” Other attacks “were reported … in the southeastern region of Katanga, and in Kindu in the eastern region of Maniema.”

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