'World's Heaviest Human Being' Record Holder Dies at 48

'World's Heaviest Human Being' Record Holder Dies at 48

A man who once weighed in at 1,316 pounds died Monday in Monterrey, Mexico.

Manuel Uribe was at a slimmer but still stunning 867 pounds at the time of his death. At his peak weight of 1,316 pounds, Uribe was certified in 2006 as the Guinness World Record holder of World’s Heaviest Human Being.

Even as an adolescent, Manuel tipped the scales at 250 pounds.

Because Uribe was so morbidly obese, he was unable to get out of bed and walk under his own power. He had remained for the most part confined to his bed for the past twelve years.

Uribe was in poor health. On May 2nd, he was taken to the hospital for an abnormal heartbeat. He was also dealing with health problems due to liver failure. The man had to be lifted with a crane en route to the hospital.

He was married in 2008 to Claudia Solis. It was one of the rare occasions that Uribe left his bed.

Uribe was completely reliant upon his mother and friends to feed and bathe him.

He obtained celebrity status after appearing on shows such as The World’s Heaviest Man and The World’s Heaviest Man Gets Married.