Sarah Palin: Illegal Aliens Getting Better Health Care Than Vets

Sarah Palin: Illegal Aliens Getting Better Health Care Than Vets

On Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slammed the Obama administration for giving illegal immigrants better health care than some of the country’s veterans. 

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity from the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Palin said the wait-list scandal in Obama’s Veterans Affairs Department is reflective of Obama’s “lack of understanding of what the mission of the military is” and why “our young troops would sacrifice all for the freedoms of our country.”

At least 40 veterans have reportedly died after being placed on secret waiting lists, and Palin said it was unconscionable that “illegal aliens are receiving better health care and more benefits than some of our troops.”

Palin, who has said that it was “un-American” for Democrats and the Obama administration to treat illegal immigrants better than veterans, said Obama is not a believer in American exceptionalism and does not have the leadership skills to ensure America remains a super power and that “shining light” and “beacon upon a hill” that other countries want to emulate. 

She said Obama’s lack of understanding about what makes America great and strong was evident in his weak speech to the West Point cadets on Wednesday.

Palin was in the Gulf Coast region to campaign for conservative Louisiana Senate candidate and retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness. She will campaign for conservative Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel on Friday.