Ten Nigerian Generals Found Guilty of Aiding and Abetting Boko Haram

Ten Nigerian Generals Found Guilty of Aiding and Abetting Boko Haram

Ten Nigerian generals along with five other senior military officials were found guilty of providing weapons to terrorist Islamist group Boko Haram, a Nigerian newspaper wrote Tuesday.

The revelation appears to confirm Breitbart News’s report that the Nigerian military has been heavily infiltrated by Boko Haram. On Saturday, Breitbart News was told by former African Counterterrorism Director at the Pentagon Rudolph Atallah that “there was a Nigerian internal investigation of nine generals and senior military officers all suspected of aiding and abetting Boko Haram. The officers were suspected of giving them weapons, access to the armories, and information on government tactics and targeting. It is very difficult to counter an organization when internally, within the Nigerian structure, there are political, militarily, and logistical issues.”

The Associated Press said there were additional reports that on several instances senior Nigerian military officers would go and fight on behalf of Boko Haram and then afterwards return to their army camps. The AP said army officers tipped off Boko Haram to help them ambush military convoys and helped to assist with logistics in preparations for attacks on Nigerian army barracks and outposts.

One Nigerian officer said there were four additional officers on top of the 15 reported that were guilty of “being disloyal and for working for members of the sect [Boko Haram].”

Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Olukolade still apparently denies that any such internal investigation exists on the topic of aiding and abetting Boko Haram.

One source told the local paper, “They have been found guilty of also collaborating with some top politicians in the country to make the country ungovernable for selfish reasons. A lot of re-organisation is going on in the military. Many generals will go. Some will be court-martialed, and some will be forcefully retired,” he added. “The movement of our troops in the northeast [has] been leaked to the Boko Haram by many of our colleagues, but the Defence headquarters has realized that and is seriously considering redeployment of some senior officers out of the northeast.”

The Nigerian military officers face a variety of charges, ranging from murder to manslaughter.


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