China Sentences Nine to Death for Terrorism

China Sentences Nine to Death for Terrorism

On June 5 BBC News reported 81 people were found guilty of terrorism in China and nine of those were sentenced to death.

“Chinese officials have blamed militant Uighur groups for a growing number of violent attacks across the country.”

According to BBC, “the main charges against those sentenced on…[June 5 relates] organizing, leading, or participating in a terrorist organization.”

“23 separate cases” were heard by six courts in Xinjiang. “Long custodial sentences” were handed down in addition to the 9 death penalties.

China launched a “year-long campaign against terrorism” after “39 people were killed when five suicide bombers attacked street market Urumqi, Xinjiang. 

However, critics argue that the attacks grew out of “economic inequality” and are, in part, a response to “cultural and religious repression.”

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