Rothman: 'Belittling' Dance at D-Day Anniversary 'Caps Off Month of Disrespect for Vets'

Rothman: 'Belittling' Dance at D-Day Anniversary 'Caps Off Month of Disrespect for Vets'

At the D-Day 70th Anniversary memorial in Normandy Friday, viewers were puzzled by an interpretive dance across a giant map of Europe to commemorate the Allied beach invasion. Noah Rothman at Mediaite delivers compelling commentary that this display is the latest in a growing list of signs that the West’s commitment to its soldiers and veterans is little more than lip service.

If you weren’t sure that the Western world’s supposed admiration for the sacrifices of military veterans was just lip service, you were privy to a rather definitive confirmation of that fact in the past four weeks.

A month which debuted with the exposure of the system-wide effort to deny veterans medical care built to a climax with the White House erecting a conveniently epic fiction around an alleged deserter. When that soldier’s platoon-mates objected to their commander-in-chief insisting this man who shirked his duty was a hero, they saw their characters maligned and integrity attacked. But the drama’s denouement was reached on Friday when, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, we commemorated the sacrifice of tens of thousands with a belittling dance.

The national disgrace involving the Veterans Affairs administration hiding the true waiting times that vets faced has not, in fact, been resolved simply because the president finally relented to mounting bipartisan political pressure and jettisoned his VA secretary. You would never know that from this White House, which has treated the VA scandal from minute one as a political crisis rather than the dishonor that it is.

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