Report: Ukraine Gas Pipeline Explosion Caused by Bomb

Report: Ukraine Gas Pipeline Explosion Caused by Bomb

Investigators discovered an explosion at a Ukraine pipeline was a bomb and act of terrorism, according to Reuters. Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk increased security on all of Ukraine’s pipelines. There were no casualties and gas was not interrupted.

“We foresaw some weeks ago that sabotage action would be planned – the aim being to undermine Ukraine’s reputation as a reliable transit partner,” he said.

“We assume that the explosive device was placed under a concrete block supporting the pipeline and that there were two explosions,” Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said. “We are studying the circumstances … external interference is the main cause we are focusing on.”

However, it does add more tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Gas company Gazprom cut off gas to Ukraine over unpaid debt on Monday, but promised Europe it would still receive supplies. The majority of pipelines flow through Ukraine and Gazprom CEO made a snide remark that Kiev might keep some gas for themselves.

After it occurred, Kiev said one explanation could be to discredit Ukraine as a reliable supplier to Europe.

“Several theories of what happened are being considered including the key theory – an act of terrorism,” said Avakov. “According to local residents, they heard two big bangs just before the explosion which could indicate they were deliberate explosions.”


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