World View: Ebola Virus Is 'Out of Control' in Western Africa

World View: Ebola Virus Is 'Out of Control' in Western Africa

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  • Egypt’s Kangaroo Court finds Al-Jazeera journalists guilty with no evidence
  • Boomers have no one to sell their stocks and real estate to
  • Ebola virus is ‘out of control’ in western Africa

Egypt’s Kangaroo Court finds Al-Jazeera journalists guilty with no evidence

Countries and human rights organizations around the world arecondemning the convictions by an Egyptian court of three Al-Jazeerareporters, with sentences ranging from 7 to 10 years in jail. Theywere accused of “spreading false news,” falsely portraying Egypt asbeing in a state of “civil war,” as well as aiding or joining thebanned Muslim Brotherhood. 

The trial was closely watched byjournalists and governments around the world, with all the proceedingswidely reported, and apparently not a shred of evidence was providedsupporting the charges. The evidence that was presented wasirrelevant, and a lot of it was completely phony. In one case, a BBC(not Al-Jazeera) podcast was presented as evidence. 

(Definition of “Kangaroo Court”: Slang for a court of law in which theviolations of procedure, precedents, and due process are so gross thatfundamental justice is denied. It usually means that the judge isincompetent or obviously biased.) 

According to several analysts, the logic behind the ruling is asfollows: 

  • Al-Jazeera is funded by Qatar.
  • Qatar supported Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and disparaged the army coup that forced him out of office and put an army junta in place.
  • The Arabic version of Al-Jazeera aired many interviews and reports that criticized the coup.
  • The kangaroo courts in Egypt have sentenced thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters to jail, and in some cases to death, in mass trials with no evidence presented at all.
  • The Al-Jazeera reporters work for Al-Jazeera English (not Al-Jazeera Arabic), they were good reporters, presenting fair and objective reports, but they’ve been given 7-10 year sentences because Egypt’s junta wants to get even with Qatar’s government.

Al Ahram (Cairo) and Al Ahram and BBC

Boomers have no one to sell their stocks and real estate to

A web site reader referred me to the article excerpted below: 

The Generational Short: Who Will Boomers Sell Their Stocks To?The implicit conclusion: the Baby Boomers won’t have anyone to selltheir stocks, real estate and bonds to. Correspondent EricA. demolished the fantasy that Gen X will have the income and assetsto buy the Boomers’ stocks held in IRAs, local government and unionpension funds and 401K accounts. 

The idea that Gen-Y will have the wealth (not to mention the desire)to buy the Boomers’ stock market portfolios at nosebleed valuationsposes a peculiar conundrum: the only way Gen-Y will have the wealth tobuy Baby Boomers’ assets is if the Boomers sell their assets and passthe wealth along to Gen-Y. 

So if both Gen-X and Gen-Y are out as buyers, who’s left to buy thetens of trillions of dollars of Boomer assets at bubblicious prices?Given that other nations face the same demographic dilemma, the answerappears to be: no one… 

A Tale of Two Dows
A Tale of Two Dows

If this is the New Normal, then what that means is a bubble and crashevery 7+ years is now the expected cycle… 

Doesn’t it boil down to this? If we can’t come up with a viable cohortwho can afford (and is willing to place that generational bet) to buyBaby Boomer assets at current bubble-level prices, then it followsthat as the first Boomers start selling their assets, prices will fallas there is nobody left to buy them, at least at these valuations. 

Those who see the current era as an aberration have one logicalaction: sell now and get out while the getting’s good.

Zero Hedge

Ebola virus is ‘out of control’ in western Africa

Doctors Without Borders is calling the Ebola epidemic in westernAfrica “out of control.” There have been 567 cases and 350 deathssince the epidemic began in March. The outbreak has spread to 60different locations in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

The virus isspreading widely because people are traveling without realizing thatthey’re infected with the virus. It can take 2-21 days for someone tofeel sick after they’ve been exposed. Once symptoms show, many diewithin 10 days. There’s no danger of a worldwide epidemic, sinceEbola is only spread through contact with the bodily fluids of aninfected person, as opposed to a virus that can spread through theair. CNN

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