'Apostasy' Woman in New Row

'Apostasy' Woman in New Row

Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, seen here on her release from jail where she was facing the death penalty in Sudan, is at the centre of a new controversy. 

The mother-of-two was arrested again trying to leave the country a day after a court overturned the death sentence imposed for marrying a Christian. She was released again on Thursday. Her lawyer says she and her children have gone to the U.S. embassy with her husband who’s a U.S. citizen. 

MOHAMMED ABDUL NABI, IBRAHIM’S LAWYER, SAYING: “This release doesn’t mean she can leave Sudan, because it’s based on bail. Therefore she is still subject to the charges against her and can’t travel unless these charges are dropped. Otherwise the charges will have to be referred to a court.” Ibrahim was held at Khartoum Airport allegedly trying to use documents issued by the majority Christian South Sudan to leave the mostly Muslim north.

Watch the video at Reuters.


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