Tony Blair to Advise Egypt Pres. Sisi on Economic Reform

Tony Blair to Advise Egypt Pres. Sisi on Economic Reform

The former UK Labor Party Prime Minister Tony Blair has agreed to advise the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, on matters concerning economic reform.

Blair’s new task is supported by a program financed by the United Arab Emirates which hopes to deliver greater economic opportunity to those supporting the initiative.

Blair was an adamant supporter of Egypt’s second revolution that overthrew former President Mohammed Morsi. He is said to have offered to “galvanise support” for aid to the new Egyptian government under Sisi.

The UAE program’s operations are being run by an organization that is part of PricewaterhouseCoopers, hoping to attract additional investments into Egypt’s stagnant economy.

A Blair spokesman said of the former Prime Minister’s new task:

Tony Blair is not a formal adviser to Sisi. He has simply said that it is vital for Egypt, the region and the world that the new president and his government succeed in reforming their country and taking it to a better future and that the international community supports them in doing so.

He has said this publicly on a number of occasions and also stated he would be happy to help galvanise that support if he can… neither Tony Blair, nor any of his organisations have any commercial interest in Egypt, nor are they seeking business in Egypt, nor have they ever discussed doing business in Egypt.