Palestinians Use Photos from Syria to Smear Israel Online

Palestinians Use Photos from Syria to Smear Israel Online

Hashtags concerning Gaza and Palestine for Twitter such as #GazaUnderAttack are very active with pictures of dead children, crumbled buildings, women crying, and people without limbs. But a quick Google search of said images find these people are using old images as propaganda.

This image of a young girl is one of the most popular pictures. Tweets say it is an eight-year-old Palestinian girl who was hit by rubber bullets by Israeli police.

Search the image URL and the picture is from October 2011.

This picture is allegedly of a young boy in Palestine with his legs blown off by Israel rockets.

Nope. It is actually a young boy in Syria.

This man lost his leg because of Israel rockets!

He is a man from Syria and the picture is from November.

A family supposedly killed by Israel?

No, it is from a blog about Syria.

Look at the retweets and favorites on some of these tweets. Remember, this is only a handful. Breitbart News will continue to monitor social media and bring to light more fake pictures.


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