Netanyahu: Since Hamas Won't Stop, Its Time To Expand IDF Operations in Gaza

Netanyahu: Since Hamas Won't Stop, Its Time To Expand IDF Operations in Gaza

Tel Aviv, Israel– The Israeli security cabinet met 9pm Tuesday, 12 hours after they had agreed to accept Egypt’s proposed ceasefire between the Jewish state and Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said to the press that despite Israel unilaterally agreeing to Egypt’s proposed ceasefire, Hamas continued to fire dozens of rockets aimed at civilian population centers. Because of this, Netanyahu said, Israel would be forced to expand their operation and continue to counter the threat coming from Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli Prime Minister said:

This morning I convened the cabinet ministers and we decided that Israel would accept the ceasefire. I said that if Islamic Jihad and Hamas continue to fire on Israeli cities, I would instruct the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to act forcefully against them, and that is how we operated this afternoon. The air force bombed several targets across the Gaza Strip, and these strikes will continue. Hamas will pay the price for its decision to continue this campaign.

Israel will harm anyone who tries to strike the citizen of Israel. When there is no cease-fire, out response is fire. The political front, the home front and the operational front are working together simultaneously… It would have been preferable to solve this diplomatically, and that is what we tried to do, but Hamas has left us no chance but to expand the operation against it. This is how we will operate until we reach our goal, the restoration of quiet through a significant blow to terror.

Hamas is reportedly meeting with Egyptian officials to consider the possibility of a ceasefire.