Pro-Russian Ukrainian Woman Allegedly Wears Mascara from MH17 Victim

Pro-Russian Ukrainian Woman Allegedly Wears Mascara from MH17 Victim

Ekaterina Parkhomenko was just an ordinary woman in east Ukraine until she took a few selfies with supposed mascara from the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 site in east Ukraine and posted the pictures on social media.

“Mascara from Amsterdam; to be precise, from the field,” she wrote. “Well you understand.”

The plane was shot down on July 17 in southeast Ukraine, killing 298 people. The scene was never secured, and pro-Russian forces rummaged through the victims’ possessions. Parkhomenko is from Torez, which is where the pro-Russians eventually transported the victims.

She claimed a friend took the mascara from the site and gave it to her. 

Even though she is from Ukraine, Parkhomenko identifies with Russia and the pro-Russians. 

Commentators and journalists in Ukraine and Russia criticized the pictures.

“It is lower than low to pick up mascara from the deceased,” said Russian blogger Bozhena Rynska.

“And this is a so-called civilian?” said Ukrainian writer Natalia Belous. “At least she is not running around with a machine gun. Can you imagine what this friend of hers, that ‘looter,’ is like?”

One person said, “It’s good that at least you are not finishing their food off;” Parkhomenko replied she could send this person any unfinished food or underwear from the victims the person would like.

Parkhomenko deleted her social media accounts after replying to the storm of criticism.