Pro-Israel Hackers Overtake Hamas Sites

Pro-Israel Hackers Overtake Hamas Sites

On Sunday, a number of Hamas-friendly websites were hacked by a Pro-Israel cyber team.

Users who viewed the various web sites expecting to see radical jihadi Islamist content were caught off guard and instead shown a split-screen display of videos taken from Israel and Gaza.

On one of the hacked jihadi sites, the user was treated to “Ramadan in Gaza,” where viewers are pointed to videos of chaos and destruction in the Gaza Strip during the now three-week long Operation Protective Edge. On the other side of the screen, viewers saw “Ramadan in Israel,” which showed Muslims casually enjoying their holiday without interruption.

Some of the Palestinian sites hacked included:,, and

The well-known hacking group Anonymous had planned a coordinated cyber attack on Israel Friday, but results thus far have been minimal for the ‘hacktivists’.

Anonymous uploaded a YouTube video on July 18 that declared cyber warfare against the Jewish State.

“We are calling upon the Anonymous collective and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade and to wage cyber war against Israel once more. This Friday will be a day… It will be a day of solidarity and resistance… Palestine will be liberated,” said the video.

A security expert told USA Today of the botched “crusade” against Israel, “So far, Israel is still on the net, and I’m using Skype to do this call with you, so it looks fine,” he said.


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