Report: Pentagon Lost Track of 203,888 Weapons Provided to Afghan Security Forces

A Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report indicates the Pentagon has lost track of “203,888” of the “747,000 weapons and auxiliary equipment” sent to Afghanistan during the last decade.

According to Roll Call, fear exists that “at least some of the weapons may be available on the black market.” And this means some of the weapons may be in the hands of the very militants against whom they were intended to be used. reports that the Special Inspector General report found that, according to the Pentagon, there were “474,823 serial numbers recorded in the tracking database.” Of those, “203,888 … had missing or duplicate information.” That represents “approximately 43 percent” of the weapons tracked.

Moreover, “24,520 serial numbers were repeated at least once in the database,” while “50,304 serial numbers had no shipping or receiving dates recorded for them.”

The report also shows that some of the weapons were tracked via hard copy record-keeping. This contributed to error.

Fox News reports that Michael J. Dumont, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia, responded to the report by saying that they are “moving to consolidate the two tracking systems in the hope that such a move will help eliminate discrepancies.”

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