'Secure America Now' Drops 'Daisy 2' Attack Ad on Obama

'Secure America Now' Drops 'Daisy 2' Attack Ad on Obama

Secure America Now, a 501(c)4 nonprofit focusing on defense and foreign policy issues, is dropping a bomb on President Barack Obama–figuratively, anyway–as national security becomes an issue in the midterm elections. Its new ad, “Daisy 2,” recreates Lyndon B. Johnson’s original “Daisy” commercial, which showed a young girl being surprised by a thermonuclear explosion, and remains one of the most effective attack ads in U.S. history.

“Daisy 2” begins the same way, with a girl counting petals as she pulls them off a flower, before an explosion in the background startles her. A mushroom cloud rises in the distance–and a cloud of dust, signifying that the bomb could be a terrorist “dirty bomb” composed of nuclear contaminants and conventional explosives, rather than the massive hydrogen bombs that are still closely guarded by old Cold War adversaries.

“These are the stakes,” a voiceover intones, as if over a radio receiver, repeating the most famous tagline of the original “Daisy” commercial. “We either stand up to supporters of terrorism, or we and our allies risk losing the freedom we cherish. We must not let the jihadist government of Iran get a nuclear bomb. President Obama has an opportunity to stop it. But he is failing. Join with us. Let’s secure America–now.”

Allen Roth, President of Secure America Now, told Breitbart News via email: “Daisy 2 is part of a digital campaign that will educate Americans on the dangers of a nuclear Iran and activate Secure America Now’s grassroots army to demand policymakers listen to our concerns.” 

The ad will direct viewers to a microsite, www.truthaboutiran.com, where the public can learn about the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions.

“Iran is not only the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, they openly brag about providing Hamas with missile technology,” Roth added. “Between rockets launched behind human shields in Gaza to Hamas guerrillas tunneling into Israel, America can no longer ignore how a nuclear Iran would further destabilize the world.”

Secure America Now also provides educational materials to citizen activists and has nearly 1 million likes on Facebook.

“For both U.S. security and the very existence of our strongest ally Israel, the American people must rise up and stop a nuclear Iran,” Roth says.


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