Saudi Arabia Writes $100 Million Check to UN 'to Fight Terrorism'

Saudi Arabia Writes $100 Million Check to UN 'to Fight Terrorism'

On August 13, Saudi Arabia gave the UN a check for $100 million “to fight terrorism” around the world.

“Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir,” gave the check to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 

According to the AP, al-Jubeir described “terrorism … [as] a scourge and an evil that affects all of us.” He said Saudi Arabia believes “the United Nations can play a very strong and very effective role in mobilizing the efforts of the world to counter this evil.”

Al-Jubeir also said, “Terrorism knows no religion. It knows no ethnicity. It knows no nationality. It has no humanity. It has no compassion. It has no justice.” He declared that terrorism violates “every religion of the world.”

The UN launched the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT) in 2011 at the UN headquarters in New York with a $10 million pledge from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. 

The Washington Post reports that Ambassador al-Jubeir said the $100 million donated on August 13 will help the center “provide the tools, technologies and methods to confront and eliminate the threat of terrorism.”

The goal of the Saudis is for the center to be used to disperse money to countries with “nascent terror activity” so those countries can rid themselves of the terror threat. This could include “equipment for security at airports” in countries where terrorism exists but the money to purchase security measures does not.

In such a situation, the center could work as a middle man “with donor countries such as the United States,” or the center could “go alone,” depending on the degree of need. 

Al-Jubeir said a third option would be for the center to “provide incentive for matching funds” in some cases.

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