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Paper: NATO Ready To Back Jordan Against Islamic State

Paper: NATO Ready To Back Jordan Against Islamic State

A Saudi Arabian newspaper reports that NATO is ready to back Jordan against the Islamic State.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the Saudi paper Okaz reports that Jordan has its intelligence services “deploying their full range of tools to counter the threat.” And they have given “secret security reports…to NATO…showing the expansion of…[IS] in Iraq, including plans to counter the group’s advance toward [Jordanian] territory.”

Peter Millet, the British Ambassador to Jordan, said Britain and NATO “are ready to coordinate with Jordan to deal with the danger it faces from the Islamic State.” And Jordan’s King Abdullah spoke with “a visiting U.S. Congressional delegation” on August 31 about confronting IS.

Yet even as Jordan looks at ways to stop the IS advance toward Jordanian territory, “about 1,200 Jordanians are fighting [with the terrorist group] in Syria.”

IS’s successive victories in northern Iraq and their unchecked brutality continue to draw fighters to their ranks from throughout the Middle East, as well as from Western countries like Britain and the U.S. 

On August 24 Breitbart News reported that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syra (ISIS) captured Mosul on June 10, thereafter they declared their own state–the Islamic State (IS)–and executed clerics in Mosul who would not pledge allegiance to them. Following Mosul and the execution of the clerics they carried out a two-week offensive in which they captured the northern city of Tal Afar and an airport on June 23.

Since then, IS has continued its march, capturing and killing Iraqi soldiers en masse, beheading American journalist James Foley and threatening to behead another captured American journalist if the U.S. does not cease airstrikes against the terrorist group. On August 28 Breitbart News reported that IS militants captured approximately 250 Syrian soldiers, forced them to strip to their underwear, then marched them into the desert and killed them. 

These things continue to make IS the strong horse to which militants are rallying and they make their threat to Jordan a real one that must be confronted. 

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