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World View: Yemen's Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Occupy Sanaa

World View: Yemen's Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Occupy Sanaa

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels occupy Sanaa, then sign peace agreement
  • Israeli-Hamas peace talks to resume in Cairo on Tuesday
  • New climate change circus in progress

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels occupy Sanaa, then sign peace agreement

Yemen’s Houthi (Ansarullah) anti-government militias took controlof many government buildings in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital city,on Sunday, and then agreed to a United Nations sponsoredpeace agreement to end the fighting. However, some reportsindicate that the fighting is continuing as before. 

The Houthi militias are believed to be receiving weapons andtraining from Iran. Yemen is also the base of the Sunnijihadist al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and southernYemen is attempting to secede from Yemen. 

The concern is that sectarian (Shia versus Sunni) violence willaccelerate in Yemen, affecting the entire region. Gulf News and The National (UAE)

Israeli-Hamas peace talks to resume in Cairo on Tuesday

It’s been a month since the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas endedwith a ceasefire agreement, and part of the agreement was that peacetalks would start in a month on the core issues. So indirect talksbetween Israel and Hamas are going to begin in Cairo on Tuesday. Thetalks are called “indirect” because Israel and Hamas don’t actuallytalk to each other. They sit in separate rooms, and Egyptianmediators run back and forth between the rooms carrying messages. 

Israel’s demands are: 

  • Disarm Hamas.
  • Give governmental control of Gaza back to Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority (PA/Fatah).

Hamas’s demands are: 

  • Open all the border crossings between Gaza to and from Israel and Egypt, and allow people and goods to move freely in and out.
  • Build a seaport and airport in Gaza.
  • According to reports, release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in return for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who were killed during the war.

It seems unlikely that any of these demands will be granted. On theother hand, it should take about six months for Hamas to reconstructits tunnels and restock its rockets, so we might expect a new Gaza warin six months. Gulf News and Jerusalem Post

New climate change circus in progress

Every couple of years, a new farcical climate change movement takes place, withpompous politicians saying that climate change is the biggest dangerthreatening mankind for now and forever. 

On Sunday, the “People’s Climate March” took place in New York City.Organizers claimed that it also took place in 2,000 locationsworldwide, and that 310,000 people joined the march in New York. 

I’ve written about these circuses many times. Let’s summarize theclimate change situation: 

  • Let’s grant that the “climate scientists” are right that climate change is occurring, even though it’s disputed. Let’s even grant that all the Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting, and we’re all going to drown, although that’s disputed.
  • Let’s also grant that “climate scientists” are right that human activity is causing climate change, even though it’s disputed.
  • That’s all that “climate scientists” can claim. Everything after that is a scam.
  • Here’s something from a CNN article:
  • The solution to the nightmare of runaway climate change is crystal clear, and beautiful. We need to shift our societies and economies off dirty energy and on to 100% clean, sustainable energy, within a generation.

    You’d think CNN would be embarrassed to publish something so utterly moronic, but few media sites or politicians are embarrassed by stupidity these days.

  • There is NO TECHNOLOGY available, other than those being developed anyway, that will reduce climate change.
  • If any corporation ever came up with something, they’d patent it and make billions. No other motivation is needed.
  • Politicians and ideologues are demanding funding for their favorite programs, and these are pretty much all scams (like Solyndra). Hundreds of “developing countries” want American money to fight climate change.
  • In 2007, I documented a financial scam by Barclays that would use a “carbon credit” system that would be turned into money-making scam like the subprime mortgage securities scam. (“UN Climate Change conference reaches a compromise agreement”) Hedge funds are still looking for ways to make money from this scam.
  • There’s a historical precedent for this dispute. A century ago, analysts were debating whether the world would be covered with horse manure, especially in big cities, because of the increased volume of horses for transportation. They didn’t know that new technology (the automobile) would make all those concerns moot. Today, “climate scientists” are refusing to even mention the Singularity and other future technologies, because it conflicts with their claims. In this sense, even climate scientists are committing fraud. (“Climate Change conference in Copenhagen is all about getting green — money”)
  • The biggest danger facing mankind is not climate change. The Mideast, the Caucasus, the Indian subcontinent, and the East China sea are all burning, and could explode any day. It’s the approaching global financial panic and crisis and the approaching Clash of Civilizations world war that are far bigger dangers.

On Tuesday, the UN will host a climate summit in New York with 125heads of state and government — the first such gathering since theunsuccessful climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009, that ended intotal farce. (“Climate change conference winds down with search for villains”) The newconference will end the same way, with all the politicians running tocover their butts and blame other people. BBC andCNN

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