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Pope Francis: Just Live the 'Simple' Gospel

Pope Francis: Just Live the 'Simple' Gospel

According to Pope Francis, Christian life is “simple”: listen to God’s Word, and put it into practice.

“Maybe we have made it a little more difficult,” said the Pope, “with so many explanations that nobody understands.” This was the message he preached during Mass Wednesday morning at the Santa Marta residence.

Pope Francis remarked that when Jesus spoke, His words sounded “new” to his hearers and were able to touch their hearts. “This is why the crowds followed Jesus,” the Pope said. And in 2,000 years, little has changed.

“These are the two conditions for following Jesus,” he said. “Listen to God’s Word, and put it into practice. This is the Christian life, short and simple.”

Pope Francis continued by declaring that the Gospel requires more than opening the Bible. “You have to listen. Listening means reading and then asking yourself: What is God saying to me, to my heart?”

That’s what it means to listen to God’s word, the Pope went on: “listening with your ears and listening with your heart.”

“The Gospel, after all, was written for each one of us,” he added.


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