Thousands of Kurds Take To Social Media, Entreat Obama To Save Kobane

Thousands of Kurds Take To Social Media, Entreat Obama To Save Kobane

Thousands of Kurds are flooding the official White House Facebook page with messages, entreating President Obama to act to save Kobane from ISIS.

The online campaign started when “public figures launched the first appeals” on October 6, and has continued to pick up steam as others climb on board and send messages as well.

According to Rudaw, the messages are a response to recent post in which Obama said of the United States: “The people of the world look to us to lead. And we welcome that responsibility. We are heirs to a proud legacy of freedom.”

Kurds responded to these statements by asking whether the US leadership applies to Kurdish regions of the world as well, whether the legacy of freedom can apply to Kobane too?

On September 30 Breitbart News reported that the Kurdish inhabitants of Kobane are likely to be massacred if ISIS gains control of the city.  This same concern was expressed by Mohammad Pirot Arif, a Kurd who posted the following message to Obama:

We thank the US for their effort against the terror movement [ISIS] in Syria and Iraq. [However,] the…airstrikes against [ISIS] in the Canton of Kobane in Rojava have been limited so far…[and] the resistance of Kurdish people led by the YPG (People’s Protection Units) and YPJ (Women’s Protection Unit) is now in its 17 day.

We fear that if YPG and YPJ does not get international support against ISIS in Kobane and Rojava, [ISIS] will begin massacre against our Kurdish people. 

Another Kurd, Reza Amouzeda, wrote that she was thankful for the US airstrikes, but would like things to be stepped up: “As a free person in this world I wish to see a regional coalition contract between the USA and Korbane authorities very soon to cooperate to destruct ISIS.” 

Rebin Hardi, a journalist from the Kobani region, came alongside the social media effort and said he believes the Facebook messages provide a way to “see one million people or more who have the same demand.”

Alarabiya reportsthat ISIS entered Kobane on October 8,  after having entered and been driven back days before. Mail Online published photos showing ISIS fighters prowling the streets of the city, with the ISIS flag “still flying” after limited US airstrikes “failed to stop their advance.”

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