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Report: 334 Saudis Return to Terror After Failed Jihadi Rehab

Report: 334 Saudis Return to Terror After Failed Jihadi Rehab

Three hundred thirty four Saudi nationals who were released from prison, or a Jeddah-based counseling center, have now returned to their respective Islamic terror organizations.

According to the Makkah newspaper, the Saudi jihadists were part of a 1,696-strong group of released inmates who were sent to the Prince Mohammed bin Naif Counseling Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The source of the report told Makkah that twenty percent of the 120 attendees who were released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to terrorism.

He added, “Inmates are allowed to read selected books. Books of certain authors have been banned because of their extremist content.” The source added that the counseling center taught lessons in English, economics, history, politics, psychology, and art.

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Swimming Pool at the Prince Mohammed Center (Photo Credit: AFP)

The man after which the center was named, Prince Mohamed Bin Naif Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, serves as Saudi Arabia’s minister of interior.

The center’s mission statement reads

Having Intellectual security as its main thrust, the Center is fully dedicated to reach a Society that is marked by moderateness in both thoughts and behavior. Being envisioned to protect community against immoderate thoughts, the Center is aimed at conducting scientific and practical correctional rehabilitation programs to reform the youth that fell victim to such thoughts.

The Center’s main objectives, according to its website are:

  1. Spreading the concept of moderateness and rejecting immoderate way of thinking.

  2. Achieving an intellectual, psychological and social balance for the targeted beneficiaries.

  3. Pointing out the role of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in fighting Terrorism, overcoming immoderate thoughts and caring for its youth.


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