Jihad In Canada: Radical Islamist Kills One, Wounds Another Canadian Soldier After Running Over With Vehicle

Jihad In Canada: Radical Islamist Kills One, Wounds Another Canadian Soldier After Running Over With Vehicle

A 25-year old Canadian man killed one and injured another Canadian soldier after he used his vehicle to run the troops over in a mall parking lot. After his car was identified, the driver was then pursued by police for a couple miles, which ended when the jihadi motorist lost control and flipped his vehicle into a ditch.

Police said that Marin Rouleau, or Ahmad LeConverti (Ahmad the Converted) according to his Facebook page, then decided to get out of his disabled vehicle and charge the cops with a knife in hand. As he was running at the police officers, Rouleau was reportedly shot several times and killed.

ahmad rouleau

Ahmad Rouleau (Ummaland)

On Tuesday morning, Canadian authorities announced that one of the soldiers struck by the jihadi had succumbed to his injuries. The family of the soldier has asked that his name not be released to the public. Police said that the second soldier is expected to survive.

RCMP authorities said in a statement late Monday regarding Rouleau: “”This individual was known to federal authorities, including our integrated national security investigations team in Montreal, who along with other authorities were concerned that he had become radicalized.”

Rouleau’s Facebook page is littered with statements praising holy war against Islam’s enemies. On social media, he had previously changed his Facebook name to “Ahmad Rouleau” and his Twitter handle to “Abu Ibrahim AlCanadi.” Rouleau often posted about the plight of the Palestinians and how he believed Islam was superior to Christianity, and often casted Judaism and Israel as evil. He also defended Al Qaeda and ISIS, as Rouleau frequently posted the Black Flag of Jihad in his Facebook pictures.

canada black flag of jihad
canada muslim Jew-hater

Ahmad Rouleau (Facebook)

A friend of the suspected terrorist told The Star Canada that Rouleau was known to pray often and sport a heavy beard. He also was said to have spent all of his time attempting to convert his friends to Islam. The friend said, “He thought it was true. He believed it all. He thought that of all religions it was Islam that was the trust.” Another friend told The Star: “He became an extremist. He wanted to go fight jihad but they wouldn’t let him do it. The caliphate called all the Muslims on earth to fight. He listened to what they had to say and he did his part here.”


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