Senior WH Official Plans to Usurp Congressional Authority for Iran Deal

Senior WH Official Plans to Usurp Congressional Authority for Iran Deal

Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy National Security adviser, revealed in recently released audio tapes that the White House intends to usurp the authority of Congress to strike a long-term nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rhodes’ remarks were given to a group of White House officials last January, who were joined by members of left-wing interest groups, according to information obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

Rhodes said to his private audience, “Bottom line is, this is the best opportunity we’ve had to resolve the Iranian issue diplomatically, certainly since President Obama came to office, and probably since the beginning of the Iraq war. So no small opportunity. This is a big deal.”

He then noted that the administration views the Iran deal as big a policy issue as the Obamacare legislation. “This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is healthcare for us, just to put it in context,” Rhodes added.

Rhodes revealed that the Obama administration was going to attempt to override the Constitution to make a deal. “We’re already kind of thinking through, how do we structure a deal so we don’t necessarily require legislative action right away, and there are ways to do that,” he said.

Article II, Section II, Clause II of the Constitution states that the president “shall have the Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties,” but only if “two-thirds of the Senators” sign off on the treaty.