Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli Woman, IDF Soldier Amid Calls for Third Intifada

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli Woman, IDF Soldier Amid Calls for Third Intifada

On Monday, Israel was hit with two separate jihadist attacks that resulted in the deaths of an Israeli woman and a male IDF soldier.

The first attack took place in Tel Aviv when a Palestinian citizen of Nablus stabbed to death an IDF soldier near the Central Bus Station. Later in the day, a Jewish Israeli woman was killed and two others wounded while they were waiting at a bus stop near an Israeli development in the disputed West Bank.

Scene of Bus Stop Attack (Twitter)

The first terrorist was identified as a member of Gaza-ruling jihadist group Hamas, while the other was described as a known member of Islamic Jihad, Israel Today reported.

Israel has seen a surge in Palestinian terror attacks in recent weeks, which some have warned are early signs of a third intifada.

The past two intifadas were uprisings in which Palestinians waged a terror campaign against Israel’s Jewish citizens. The two intifadas, started as a result of Palestinian aggression, took thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives.

Over the weekend, Israeli Arabs throughout the country were protesting the death of an Arab man whom they believed was wrongly killed by police. However, police said that the man in question lunged at them with a knife, and they were forced to take action and shoot him dead before the attacker could harm the police officers.

Additionally, groups of Arab students over the weekend called for a “third intifada.”

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a defiant message to rabble-rousing demonstrators, telling them they may leave Israel and move to the Palestinian Authority or Gaza if they so choose, and that “Israel won’t stand in the way.”