Pope Francis: Heaven 'a Party!'

Pope Francis: Heaven 'a Party!'

“The Lord never says that the Kingdom of God is a show,” said Pope Francis Thursday. “It’s a party! But it is different. And a party is beautiful, of course. A big party. And Heaven will be a party.”

In his homily during Mass at the chapel in his Saint Martha residence, Francis contrasted the idea of show or spectacle—where people go to see and be seen—with the idea of a feast or party, where people rejoice together.

As an example of a spectacle, Francis proposed a wedding, where “people often come for a fashion show, to be seen, out vanity, rather than to receive a sacrament.”

Heaven, and the kingdom of God, are different. It is not this sort of show; it’s a true feast, and it begins now, the Pope suggested.

“The Kingdom of God is not far from us,” the Pope stated. “It’s close! This is one of its features: It’s close to us every day.”

“The Kingdom of God is humble, like a seed” Francis said. “It is humble but becomes great, by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Our job, the Pope said, “is to let it grow in us, without boasting. Let the Spirit come, change our souls and brings us forward in silence, in peace, in quiet, in closeness to God,” he said.

“When you think of the perseverance of so many Christians,” Francis went on, “who are taking care of their families—men and women—caring for their children, for their grandparents and they reach the end of the month with only half a euro, but they pray… there is the Kingdom of God, hidden in the holiness of everyday life.”

Francis concluded by asking “the Lord for the grace to take care of the kingdom of God that is within us, with prayer, worship and the service of charity.”


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