Scholar Finds Islamic Supremacist Themes In National Cathedral Sermons

Scholar Finds Islamic Supremacist Themes In National Cathedral Sermons

A prominent researcher of Islam evaluated the sermons delivered at last week’s first-ever Muslim prayers at the Washington D.C. National Cathedral, and found several instances of extremist sentiments.

Dr. Andrew Bostom, whose job demands meticulousness and precision as Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School, has found statements in which hate-filled proclamations, spoken in Arabic, were spewed at Jews and Christians, including a Quranic assertion that Muslims must overpower other religions and demand they submit to Sharia law.

He found that Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool omitted a key component of a quranic verse in his sermon, one that is filled with hatred of Jews. Rasool only spoke the latter part of Koran 5:82, which reads, “and you will find the nearest love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: ‘We are Christians…'” Dr. Bostom wrote of the excluded lines in Qur’an 5:82, “The Jew-hating nature of this verse–well-established by classical Quranic commentaries, spanning over a millennium…”

Rasool also spoke a verse in Quran 3:26 that demanded Christians must submit to Islamic law. Quoting Quran 3:26, Rasool said: ‘O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.”

Bostom alleged, “Rasool invoked the Koran’s vitriol towards Christian societies (and indeed all non-Muslim civilizations who refuse to submit to a Sharia [Islamic Law]-based Muslim order).”

Dr. Bostom wrote of Breitbart’s interview with Dean off the National Cathedral, Gary Hall:

Dean of the National Cathedral, Gary Hall, when questioned about this cruelly ironic timing, conceded, “I did not know that it was that anniversary”–but then segued into an unconscionable immoral equivalence defending the “ecumenical” Muslim prayer service.

After viewing Friday’s ostensible exercise in “ecumenism” at The National Cathedral, it is impossible for me to discern whether the Christian event organizers are more ethically, or intellectually cretinous.

Dr. Bostom told Breitbart News that the public should not be solely focusing on specific Islamist entities, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, but instead look at the bigger picture: the ideology of Islam itself.

Additionally, Bostom credited bestselling author Diana West with finding another alarming verse spoken by Ambassador Rasool–One that encourages Muslims to “overpower” those who do not believe in their religion.