Sen Rand Paul Demands Barack Obama Formally Declare War on ISIS

Sen Rand Paul Demands Barack Obama Formally Declare War on ISIS

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced Monday that he intends to present a Declaration of War resolution against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) to Congress in December to make the current military action legal.

“When Congress comes back into session in December, I will introduce a resolution to declare war against ISIS,” said Paul. “I believe the President must come to Congress to begin a war and that Congress has a duty to act. Right now, this war is illegal until Congress acts pursuant to the Constitution and authorizes it.”

President Barack Obama sent troops to Iraq without congressional approval. Paul lashed out at Obama and said the war against ISIS is illegal. He did not criticize the war, but said “[I]t must be declared and made valid, or it must be ended.”

Other resolutions on the Hill would allow Obama to continue his current campaign, but Paul’s resolution actually declares war. Congress has not declared war since World War II. In his resolution, he cites the Constitution, which states in Article I, section 8 that only Congress has the power to declare war. He wants his party to be “more consistent in their criticisms of Mr. Obama’s use of executive authority.”

“War cannot be initiated without Congress,” said Paul. “Conservatives are mad at him about immigration. And they’re mad about him using executive authority on Obamacare. But this is another example where he doesn’t have much respect for Congress, and some conservatives don’t quite get that.”