Radical Muslim Preacher in Jerusalem Praises ISIS, Desires Annihilation of America and Jews

Radical Muslim Preacher in Jerusalem Praises ISIS, Desires Annihilation of America and Jews

A preacher identified as Ali Abu Ahmad delivered an impromptu sermon in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that contained a hate-filled language towards Americans and Jews, but insisted on a caliphate similar to the one the Islamic State is attempting to establish in Syria and Iraq.

“Who will come to the aid of Islam, if not us?” Ahmad shouts to people in the mosque. “Who will come to the aid of Jerusalem, if not us? Who will come to the aid of the Caliphate if not us, oh servants of Allah?”

The Islamic State’s caliphate has widely been documented as practicing mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and female mass rape and sex trafficking. The jihadists drove out Christians in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, in June, destroyed shrines and temples in their path, and kidnap girls and women as sex slaves. Ahmad argued in his speech a “caliphate” run by America would bring in these exact same horrors to Muslims.

“Do you want America to bring you a caliphate tailored to its interest?” asks Ahmad. “Such a caliphate would sanction the killing of Muslims, would shed their blood, and would violate the honor of their women, in the name of Islam.”

Instead, he desires a caliphate comparable to the Islamic State and denounced the Jews.

“We want a caliphate in the path of the Prophet, which will protect lives, will defend women’s honor, and will liberate Jerusalem from the Jews, the most vile of creatures,” he said.

He continued: “Oh servants of Allah, do not resort to the international community. Do not resort to the international institutions or the Security Council, for they are the ones who brought the Jews to the land of Palestine. They share the blame for their barbaric crimes against the Muslims in Palestine. Seek refuge in Allah the Almighty, the Avenger. Only Allah can break the backs of America and the Jews, as he did to Pharoh and Nimrod.”

Ahmad is preaching this hate in Jerusalem, Israel. He claims the Jews are barbaric towards Muslims in Palestine, but Palestine executes anyone who protests against a Palestine-Israel war. His statements come at a time in which widespread Palestinian terrorist appears to be reaching their highest levels in recent memory. 

Hamas executed twenty people in July who protested the war and blamed Hamas for the destruction of neighborhoods. Hamas also places weapons and bombs in schools and neighborhoods. Despite the destruction and hate towards Jews, Israel transports and treats any Palestinian injured in any attack. 

Palestinian newspaper admitted Israel helps Palestinians and allows Palestine officials to visit patients. On November 18, two Palestinians slaughtered four Jews and one police officer at a synagogue in Jerusalem. Three of the dead were US citizens. Palestinians passed out candy and treats to young children in Gaza’s streets to celebrate the massacre. A few people held up signs to martyr the two murderers. 

“Do not be deluded by the arrogance of the Jews, or by their crimes against the Muslims of Palestine,” says Ahmad. “This is merely a prelude to their elimination, Allah willing, at the hands of the loyal mujahideen within Palestine and abroad. Oh Allah, annihilate America and its coalition. Oh Allah, enable us to cut off their heads. Oh Allah, help our brothers the mujahideen in the land of Iraq and Syria.”

Israel limited Muslim worshippers in the mosque “due to fears of rioting.” This was in place for several months, but Israel lifted it “at the behest of American and Jordanian officials as part of confidence-building measures agreed to by Israel in an effort to stem the anger and violence in the capital.”