Ex-KGB Agent Claims Russia Told Anna Chapman to Seduce Edward Snowden in Moscow

Ex-KGB Agent Claims Russia Told Anna Chapman to Seduce Edward Snowden in Moscow

Ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov claims Russia ordered famed spy Anna Chapman to seduce NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in an effort to keep him in Moscow and tear out American secrets. A marriage would give him citizenship and would make him need permission to leave Russia.

Chapman grew up in the espionage world. Her father is a senior KGB agent, but she made a name for herself when she, along with ten others, were arrested and deported in 2010 and accused of spying for Russia.

“Anna is sophisticated enough to live with an American,” said former Tory MP Rupert Allason. “There aren’t many of those in the FSB (formerly the KGB). She would be prepared to use her obvious gifts.”

She tweeted a marriage proposal to Snowden in July 2013. She met Snowden once.

Snowden, will you marry me?!

— Anna (@ChapmanAnna) July 3, 2013

“But Snowden became concerned about what the consequences would be,” said Karpichkov.

NBC’s Richard Engel attempted to interview Chapman in Moscow about her private life, including the infamous tweet, but she ended the interview.

“I’m not going to discuss this,” she said. “OK, the interview is finished. I’m sorry,”

She was welcomed back with a hero’s welcome. Her new career includes a TV presenter, model, and fashion designer. Snowden is still in Moscow, but was reunited with his long-time girlfriend Lindsay Mills, a pole dancer. Russia granted Snowden a three-year residency permit.

Snowden is still a wanted man in the United States. As a contractor with the NSA and CIA, he leaked millions of classified documents. These documents revealed the government’s tapping programs on multiple world leaders as well as cell phone networks used by laypersons.


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