Israel Charges Texas Fugitive with Planning to Blow up Mosques

Israel Charges Texas Fugitive with Planning to Blow up Mosques

Texas fugitive Adam Everett Livvix has been arrested by Israeli authorities and charged with “conspiring to steal 3lbs of explosives from the Israeli Defense Forces,” which he was allegedly going to use to attack mosques in Israel.

Livvix was allegedly conspiring with his roommate, who is “an Israeli soldier.”

According to Mail Online, a gag order on the case was lifted December 9 and details are now forthcoming. Among these are Livvix’s purported admission that “he had weighed various ideas about committing terrorist attacks at different venues and even given preliminary thought to the possibility of attacking venues [of] Islamic holy places in Israel.”

According to his indictment, Livvix was living in Israel under the false pretense that he was “a member of an elite Navy SEAL commando unit.” He is wanted in Indiana for failure to appear in court for drug charges and is considered “the most wanted man” in Crawford County, Illinois, due to his “failure to appear” in court there, as well as theft charges.

The Lahore Times reports that stolen weapons and weapons parts were found in Livvix’s apartment when police searched it. He is currently undergoing a psychiatric examination at his attorney’s request.

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