ISIS Executes Thirteen Men in Tikrit, Iraq

ISIS Executes Thirteen Men in Tikrit, Iraq

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group released pictures of militants executing thirteen men in Tikrit, Iraq, who allegedly belonged to an anti-jihadi Sunni tribe. The jihadists published the gruesome pictures on jihadist forums and social media.

Abokhald Shammari, owner of the Twitter account, regularly tweets about jihad and is a self-identified supporter of the Islamic State. His cover photo is of a young boy in an Islamic State bandana. His account posted the repugnant photos:

In the main picture, the men are on their knees in front of the Islamic State militants. After the execution, the men are on the ground with the militants showing off their guns. The dead bodies are displayed for the public, and people even took pictures. Children as young as eight or nine are in the crowd.

Local residents told the AFP the execution occurred four miles east of the city at 3:30 p.m. local time. The men allegedly belonged to the Knights of Al-Alam and were captured ten days ago.

The Islamic State took control of Tikrit in June after they conquered Mosul and made their way through the country. The town may sound familiar to the world because it was Saddam Hussein’s hometown.