Obama Won’t Stand Firm Against the Taliban Even in Wake of Pakistan School Massacre

Fayaz Aziz/Reuters
Fayaz Aziz/Reuters

When Barack Obama condemned the Taliban’s horrific mass murder of children in a school in Peshawar last week, he referred to “terrorists” who, he said, “have once again shown their depravity.” But he did not name the terrorists. He never mentioned the Taliban.

Consider the implications of this and what it actually means. Obama refused to name or blame the Taliban in their terror attack on a school, an attack so savage, so evil that it shocked the world – a world inured even to the most gruesome and unimaginable horrors of Islamist carnage. Teachers were burned alive in front of children. Children were beheaded in front of other children. In the Pakistan school attack, Taliban terrorists killed 145, mostly children.

But Obama won’t name them or blame them.

This savagery comes from the Taliban in Pakistan. The Taliban in Afghanistan, which has the same name, beliefs, and goals, is Obama’s “peace partner.” Obama is covering for his “peace partners,” even in this ungodly act. His Department of Defense said after the massacre: “We’re not going to target the Taliban simply because they’re Taliban.”

For years I have reported on Obama’s sanction and support of this savage Islamist group. The jihadist group has long been an avowed enemy of the United States, freedom, democracy, and equality for all. The Taliban is why we went into Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11. Yet for the whole of his presidency, Obama has been strong-arming the Afghan government to partner with the Taliban. Obama demanded that former Afghan President Hamid Karzai negotiate with them.

This all went unreported by a perfidious media. But longtime readers of my website, PamelaGeller.com, are acutely aware of Obama’s betrayal.

  • Women’s rights in Afghanistan have regressed horrifically under Obama’s reign.
  • Insider attacks against our soldiers are at record levels since Obama’s pro-Taliban Afghan policy began.
  • In 2012, Obama used the NATO summit to pressure Karzai to engage with greater urgency with the Taliban about a political settlement in Afghanistan. That same year, Obama’s national security adviser Tom Donilon told Karzai at a meeting with senior White House officials, generals, and intelligence officials that “the Taliban are not our enemies and we don’t want to fight them.”
  • Under Obama it was announced that Mullah Omar could run for president in Afghanistan. Mullah Omar has been wanted by the U.S. State Department since October 2001. There’s a ten million dollar reward on his head. He sheltered Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda killers in the years prior to the September 11 attacks. He had a hand in the 9/11 attacks and has been directing the Taliban’s ongoing war against the U.S.-led NATO forces and the government of Afghanistan.
  • Obama committed to more taxpayer dollars for the Afghanistan government .
  • The Obama Administration announced that it wanted to meet with the Taliban in Doha for “peace talks.” The Taliban laughed and never showed.

All this solicitude for a murderous terror group, and yet Obama will attack Israel for lies, hoaxesor blood libels invented by Islamist Jew-haters like Hamas.

Even worse, news agencies have published a report that Obama released the Pakistani Taliban’s second in command earlier this month.

For months, I have railed against Obama’s release of the very worst Islamic terrorists (including many senior commanders) from Gitmo. Obama traded a deserter, a US soldier who went AWOL, for five senior Taliban commanders. So it comes as little surprise that it may very well be that this release played a part in the slaughter of over 140 children by the Taliban at a school in Pakistan.

Correspondents say that the repatriation of a senior Taliban figure is “extremely unusual.” Latif Mehsud was second-in-command to the former Pakistan Taliban chief, Hakimullah Mehsud, who was killed in a US drone strike last year. The same group that attacked the school.

In that attack, the Taliban burned a teacher alive in front of students and beheaded children, but Obama won’t name the perpetrators. Yet again, he obfuscates and covers up instead of standing against Islamist savagery.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of PamelaGeller.com and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.


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