ISIS Recruiting Entire Families to Form Jihad Society

Amine Landoulsi-AP
Amine Landoulsi-AP

ISIS is now working to recruit entire families to move to ISIS-controlled territory and take part in the formation of jihad society.

Their intention is to build a nation under sharia law. To accomplish it, they are recruiting “doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, accountants,” and families, too.

According to The Washington Post, photos of ISIS fighters posing for pictures with their infants have been tweeted out. The goal is to show that their family has joined them and that bringing the family to ISIS territory is possible.

One such fighter–Siddhartha Dhar–and his wife, Aisha, moved to Syria weeks ago from their home in London to be in ISIS territory. They brought four children with them, and Aisha has given birth to a fifth since they made the move.

The UK’s 4 News reports that Dhar also goes by Abu Rumaysah and that he “skipped bail” to flee London, where he was “facing terror charges.”

Upon making it out of the country, Dhar took to Twitter to taunt British authorities, tweeting: “What a shoddy security system Britain must have to allow me to breeze through Europe to the Islamic State.”

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