‘How To Stab A Jew’ Video Becomes A Big Hit On Palestinian Social Media

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A video being widely circulated in Palestinian social media networks teaches jihadists how to stab a Jewish person in a manner that ensures their speedy death.

The video is reportedly being circulated by a group calling themselves the “resisters of occupation in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem,” according to a Jewish Press report.

The video shows two men, a “teacher” and a “victim”, dressed in a Keffiyeh headscarf–garb which was popularized by the first Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. The teacher then demonstrates how to casually walk up to someone and stab them in an efficient and deadly manner.

The demonstration emphasizes that in order to inflict maximum damage, the knife should be twisted after stabbing the Jewish person.

The video comes as 2014 has seen an exponential increase in Arab stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews.

In November, two Palestinian terrorists stabbed to death four Rabbis who were praying peacefully in their Jerusalem synagogue. The Palestinians, who were armed with axes, left an additional eight wounded in the jihadi onslaught. Hamas, the terror group which controls the Gaza Strip, supported the jihadist’s actions. A Hamas spokesman threatened at the time, “There will be more revolution in Jerusalem, and more uprising.”

Palestinian media entities have created other platforms to call for aggression against Jews.

In October, a video game was released called “The Liberation of Palestine,” which encouraged gamers to “liberate Palestine” through any means necessary. The game preferred users to choose armed resistance over diplomacy. A developer of the game said regarding the controversial tactic: “The language of weapons is the most effective with the Israelis.”


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