German Police Shut Down Anti-Islamisation PEGIDA March in Dresden

Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke
Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke

DRESDEN, Germany – A planned rally against the creeping Islamisation of Europe has been called off following a terror threat to assassinate its organiser, leading police to ban all meetings and congregations in the city today.

Breitbart sources suggests that any group of more than ten people seen in Dresden tonight would be broken up and moved on by police.

The announcement came just days after the German security service announced it had intercepted communications from “known international jihadists” that terrorists were planning to bomb Dresden railway station. Dresden police now say there is “concrete” evidence of a plot to assassinate Lutz Bachmann, 41, the founder of the PEGIDA movement.

Despite the apparently “concrete” nature of the threat, Dresden police say they do not know who is behind it.

Writing on the Facebook page, the PEGIDA ‘Orgateam’ (organisers) announced the cancellation, saying: “We feel compelled by arrangement with the State security and the National Police Directorate to take this step”. Instead of going into Dresden, Bachmann called upon followers all over Europe in a video uploaded today to hang their national flag out of their house window and sound their car horns at six thirty this evening.

PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, has been a thorn in the side of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor since it began its weekly marches last year. The German establishment have gone to great lengths to stop the marches continuing, with state-funded television cartoons for children criticising PEGIDA, lights being turned off in public buildings when the marches are near, and members of the government encouraging counter-demonstrations.

It is even alleged that the German government is paying to bus in left-wing counter-protest groups to PEGIDA rallies to create opposition.

That the police withdrew permission for PEGIDA to march after only one anonymous threat has clearly angered many in the deeply conservative city of Dresden, with talk in bars asking whether the government would have taken any pretext to close the march.

PEGIDA said: “It is a serious infringement on freedom of opinion and the right to assembly, if it is possible for terrorist forces to remove our constitutionally guaranteed right, but your safety comes first.”


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