China Fast-Approaching Arms Dominance over USA


While the US military has been shrinking under the Obama administration, China’s military has been expanding to the point where they are fast-approaching arms dominance over the US.

According to Investors Business Daily, Deputy Undersecretary for Acquisition Frank Kendall shared his concerns over this situation with the House Armed Services Committee on January 28.

Kendall said, “We’re at risk and the situation is getting worse.”

He explained:

What I’m seeing is foreign modernization… particularly China’s, in a suite of capabilities that are intended, clearly to me at least, to defeat the American way of power projection, (the) American way of warfare when we fight in an expeditionary manner far from the United States.

Kendall then provided examples, citing China’s “two ground-based anti-satellite systems” and the anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) YJ-12, “which travels at three times the speed of sound and is designed to be launched from Chinese aircraft at ranges up to 300 kilometers.” There is also the YJ-100, a subsonic ASCM with “a range of 800 kilometers.”

Additionally, China is working on WU-14, a “supersonic glide vehicle” designed to “evade [US] missile and defense systems.” On December 5 Breitbart News reported that China had carried out its third test of WU-14. It had been previously tested on January 9, 2014, then August 7.

In 2009 the US Naval Institute (USNI) warned about China’s work on hypersonic vehicles. USNI said China was a developing a “kill weapon” for their nuclear program that could be used to “strike carriers and other US vessels at a range of 2000 [kilometers].”

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