Chinese, Russian Spies Try To Infiltrate Norwegian Intelligence


On February 4, Norwegian’s Police Security Service (PST) confirmed that Chinese and Russian spies were “actively spying within Norwegian borders.”

One day later, PST confirmed that “foreign spies have been caught trying to secure posts working for [PST].”

According to, PST’s Annual Threat Assessment for 2015 warned that foreign governments are looking for ways to plant “moles” within the intelligence organization.

The assessment says:

Because foreign intelligence services are carrying out intelligence activities against Norwegian interests, they are expected to increasingly attempt to map out Norwegian counterintelligence. They are attempting to both recruit our staff and get suitable people to apply for positions with us.

The assessment goes on to mention China and Russia by name as “two states with which Norway has no security policy cooperation.” Of these two, the assessment warns that “Russian intelligence possesses the great potential for damaging Norwegian interests.”

PST’s assessment points to Norway’s shared border with Russia’s Kola peninsula, and Russia’s demonstrable willingness “to use force to achieve their ends.” In the end, those behind the assessment conclude that “Russia’s intelligence services are looking for information on Norwegian defense, security, and preparedness.”

The assessment points to the continued “occupation of the Crimean peninsula” as an example of what Russian authorities due when they “use force to achieve their ends.”

On March 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to make Crimea part of Russia. One day later Breitbart News reported that Russian forces attacked Ukrainian troops at a Crimean base, ordering their surrender in a projection of power much like that which PST’s threat assessment describes.

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