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The Threat of ISIS

Li bya
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Who is America’s greatest national security threat at the present time?

Is it ISIS, the radical Islamic group spreading their reign of terror across Iraq and the greater Middle East in the hopes of establishing a Muslim caliphate? Or is it our very own president, who seems clueless to this threat and is placing our nation in a very dangerous situation with his attitude, inaction, and weakness?

The Islamic State has been on a rampage as of late, beheading 21 Egyptian Christians and burning to death 45 Iraqis in the past few weeks.

In an even more outrageous act, ISIS thugs killed and cooked a captured British Arab man, then fed him to his mother when she came to their headquarters to ask for his release.

What evil, depraved mind could conjure up such an unthinkable act of savagery?

They have threatened to sack Rome and have made threats against the Pope, which his security forces are taking very seriously. And, if you think an assault on Rome is impossible, it seems ISIS is looking to expand into the failed state of Libya (another notable Obama achievement) as a gateway into Europe.

Their movement is growing stronger by the day, as 20,000 new foreign fighters from around the world recently joined their ranks. And more will come as they continue to advance with little in the way of resistance from the United States.

Shamefully, because of the lack of American leadership, it has fallen to nations like Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah II, outraged at the brutal burning death of one of its pilots, to take up the fight against ISIS. And the King has vowed to keep up the assault, as has Turkey, which has pledged to help liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul, all while Obama’s Pentagon is retreating from its planned spring ground offensive.

If there was ever a time America needed strong leadership, like the kind of uplifting guidance we received from Ronald Reagan during the Cold War, it is now.

But what do we get from President Obama? A much different message: Blame America, blame Christians, blame anybody by ISIS.

His State Department deputy spokesperson recently attributed the rise of ISIS on a lack of jobs in the Middle East. “We can’t kill our way out of this war,” she said. So if we just had an Obama-style jobs program over there, rather than a military effort, then the ISIS problem would go away, at least in the minds of State Department bureaucrats.

But only those blinded by the glow of their own elitism would propose such an approach. Aside from its utter silliness, has ever a plan such as that worked? Can radical revolutionaries be bought off? Only in the “enlightened” mind of a liberal.

The president does not condemn the act of jihad or radical Islamic terrorism, or even reference “Muslim extremism.” In fact, he won’t admit there is such a thing. And if he does make any generic statements against violent acts of terror, he always qualifies it, as a child would, by arguing others do it too. Most disturbingly, this was on full display when he used the occasion of the National Prayer Breakfast to condemn Christians and liken them to ISIS.

But it was not any recent Christian crimes to which the president was referring. “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place,” Obama said, “remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

So to throw blame on Christians, Obama had to reach back nearly a thousand years to the Crusades, then proceeded to mangle the history of what was a defensive struggle against advancing Muslim savagery in Europe and the Judeo-Christian Holy Land.

The upcoming campaign in 2016 is shaping up to be one of the most important presidential elections in modern history, as our nation faces serious foreign policy crises around the globe.

It’s not simply that America needs new leadership; America needs leadership period.


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