Melbourne’s ‘White Jihadi’ Pledged to ‘Make 9/11 Look Like Child’s Play’


The Twitter account of a Melbourne, Australia, teen nicknamed the “White Jihadi” has been suspended after he tweeted about coming attacks that would “make 9/11 look like child’s play.”

His complete tweet, sent March 9, read, “What we have in store for you dogs will make 9/11 look like child’s play.”

According to The Advertiser, the White Jihadi’s real name is Jake Bilardi. He was originally believed to be from Britain but is now confirmed to be from Craigieburn, in Melbourne, and is believed to have turned to ISIS after his his mother died.

On March 9, the Herald Sun quoted an unidentified neighbor who felt sorry for Jake, believing him to be “a confused boy.”

The neighbor, a Muslim himself, said, “I wish we mixed more so he could understand Islam… I wish I could help but I think now it’s very hard to come back.” The neighbor suggested he would have encouraged Jake to “do good for Islam” rather than “give himself up [to ISIS] like this.”

A former classmate told the Sun he learned of Jake’s involvement with ISIS via Facebook. The former classmate said, “A few weeks ago my friends and I saw a picture that was all around the news which was labelled ‘Britian’s White Jihadi.'” He said that as he and his friends looked at the picture, they all thought, “That looks a lot like Jake.”

Jake reportedly “went to a school in Melbourne’s north,” before changing schools and then dropping out altogether to go fight with ISIS.

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