April Fool’s Day Accord: Iran Deal Reached, Details to Follow

Javad Zarif on Iran Deal (Nuclear Talks / Twitter)
Nuclear Talks / Twitter

After a marathon negotiating session that stretched into the wee hours of Wednesday morning, April 1–hours after the official deadline–the parties gathered in Lausanne, Switzerland reached a tentative deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Russian media, according to AFP, quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: “”One can say with relative certainty that we at the minister level have reached an agreement in principle on all key aspects of the final settlement of this issue, which will be put on paper in the coming hours or perhaps within one day.” (Lavrov was also seen relaxing at the bar.)

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif also retired to rest after telling reporters he hoped details would be ironed out by Wednesday. The suggestion from both Zarif and Lavrov is that some form of written text is expected, albeit not a final deal.


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