ISIS Beheads Man Accused of Witchraft, Sorcery in Iraq

Abu Bakr al-Britani /Twitter
Abu Bakr al-Britani /Twitter

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) released pictures of jihadists beheading a man they allege had been practicing “witchcraft” in Tikrit.

Supporters of the group circulated the images on social media, with members saying the man was a “sorcerer.” One of the circulators claims “to be a British militant fighting for the terror group who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Bakr al-Britani.”

The execution allegedly took place near Tikrit, Iraq. In one picture, the accused is blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back, his head on a tree stomp. His executioner, a bearded hefty man, “wields an 18-in long kukri machete into the air ready to decapitate the victim.”

In the second photo, the victim’s body lies in a pool of his blood with his head placed on his back. The terrorists surrounded the body with prayer beads. Media outlets suspect the beads are the reason why ISIS arrested and convicted the man. The barbarians consider the beads “bid’ah, meaning a ‘reprehensible innovation.’”

ISIS regularly performs these executions in the public, and a crowd surrounded the terrorists to witness the brutality. Young men stood in the front, while little children sat front and center.

The images come only a week after the terrorist group released images of a couple being stoned to death on charges of “fornication.” The terrorists executed the couple in public, as they did the man accused of sorcery. A large crowd gathered around the couple to witness their gruesome execution. Small children, as young as six-years-old, were in the very front, as other children climbed up on their fathers’ shoulders to witness the cruelty imposed on the victims. Militants placed blindfolds on their eyes and tied their hands behind their backs, rendering the victims incapable of defending themselves from the savages.


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