D’oh! Spain’s Socialist Leader Accidentally Votes for Anti-Abortion Law


The leader of Spain’s Socialist Party has been compared to Homer Simpson after accidentally voting in favour of an anti-abortion law he had strongly opposed.

Pedro Sánchez voted for the law, which requires girls under the age of 18 to get their parents’ permission before having a termination, after pressing the wrong button on his control panel.

“My commitment to defending the freedoms of women who are minors remains firm. I’ve always defended this in public. I’m sorry for the error,” he later tweeted.

The Guardian reports that although his vote was far from decisive, with the reform passing by 184 votes to 136, his mistake was mocked on social media, with users comparing him to Homer Simpson and Kevin McAllister from the Home Alone movies:

Pedro Sánchez about to vote for the reform to the abortion law

Pedro Sánchez gets it wrong and votes for the abortion law reform

Pedro Sánchez today after voting with the PP for the counter-reform of the abortion law.

The law had been proposed by Spain’s ruling conservative People’s Party (PP), who faced sharp criticism from church and pro-life groups after they abandoned an attempt to tighten the country’s abortion laws last autumn. The previous Socialist government had passed a law in 2010 drastically liberalising access to abortions in the traditionally Catholic country.

Media attention had been on PP MPs, some of whom had said they could not bring themselves to vote for the law because it did go far enough, before Sánchez made the blunder.

Sánchez has been criticised for his leadership of the Socialist Party since he was elected last year. His party is currently in third place in opinion polls, behind the insurgent anti-austerity party Podemos, ahead of parliamentary elections due for the end of the year.