Berlin To Host Pro-Hamas Conference Days After Israel Independence Day


A pro-Hamas conference is slated to take place in Germany next weekend, just days after Israel celebrated its 67th year of independence as a Jewish state. The Berlin conference has come under fire from human rights supporters because Hamas, which openly seeks the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people, shares anti-Semitic goals that were also commonly expressed by Nazi Germany.

Watchdog group NGO Monitor has warned that the Berlin conference is rife with figures who support the U.S. State Department-listed terrorist organization.

“This is a direct pro-Hamas and anti-peace event, with the participation of hard-core Palestinian, British, and German supporters of rejectionism and incitement against Israel,” Gerald Steinberg, the president of NGO Monitor, told the Jerusalem Post. He added, “The sponsors are reportedly Hamas-front organizations, and the published list of participants include MP (UK) Tessa Munt, a radical supporter of demonization and BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel).”

“There is no justification for Germany giving legitimacy to any event in support of terrorists that are waging an immoral war against Israel, with thousands of rockets directed at civilians,” said Steinberg.

The 13th Palestinians in Europe Conference is expected to draw some 3,000 people. It is being organized by The Palestinian Community of Germany (PGD) and the Palestinian Return Center (PRC), according to reports.

The conference logo features a banner showing the State of Israel, but filled with Palestinian flags.

Both organizations have deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which includes Hamas, as the terror group’s charter states that Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The PRC has many ties to the Global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas and current and past PRC directors have also been directors of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), a part of the UK Muslim Brotherhood,” reports The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch.

Domestically, some within Germany’s Jewish community have been deeply disturbed by Berlin choosing to host the anti-Israel conference.

Last week, Reinhold Robbe, the head of the German-Israel friendship society, wrote an article in a German paper titled, “Resistance against pro-Hamas conference,” where he stated, “Whoever in Germany attacks Israel and contests Israel’s right to exist should not be allowed a platform here.”


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