US Chief Negotiator on Iran to Resign Following Failed Career as Diplomat


Wendy Sherman, who is the United States lead negotiator in the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran, is set to resign her position following the June 30 deadline for a deal with the terror regime, she told The New York Times Wednesday.

Sherman, who otherwise serves as the U.S. under secretary for Political Affairs, told the Times, “It’s been two long years.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said late Wednesday that Sherman’s “mentoring of colleagues, her experience, her passion for diplomacy, her calm in the storm set her apart as a great under secretary of state.”

Sherman, who jetted off to Switzerland Wednesday for talks with the Iranian regime, has until a self-imposed June 30 deadline to seal a comprehensive agreement with the Ayatollah.

President Obama released a statement regarding Sherman’s service, saying that he “long counted on Wendy’s unique combination of intellect, toughness and persistence, which have made her one of the most effective diplomats of her generation.”

But Sherman’s critics see her as grossly unqualified and someone who has already failed in preventing another country from obtaining nuclear weapons.

While serving in the Clinton administration, Sherman was tasked with being part of the team that was supposed to stop North Korea from being able to obtain a nuclear weapon. Shortly after Sherman and the rest of the Clinton team inked the agreement, North Korea reportedly obtained nuclear weapons with relative ease.

Before serving in the government, Sherman made a career as a political operative for the Democratic Party. Her credentials include serving as director of EMILY’s list, a reproductive rights lobbying group. She also had a prominent role in the failed Dukakis presidential run as head of his Washington, D.C., campaign office. Additionally, she served as Democratic National Committee (DNC) campaign director.

Sherman did not appear to have any diplomatic experience prior to the talks that she led with North Korea.


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