Hillary Tells Rally: I Stood up to Putin! I Helped Israel!

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a crowd of supporters on Saturday: “I’ve stood up to adversaries like Putin and reinforced allies like Israel.”

Clinton delivered her remarks in New York City as she kicked off her 2016 presidential campaign.

Clearly, she intends to highlight her four-year tenure atop the State Department as a key advantage over her rivals, few of whom have foreign policy experience. However, she has to hope voters do not examine her actual record.

Regarding Putin, Clinton infamously presided over the Russian “reset,” which involved giving up missile defenses that had been negotiated painstakingly with Poland and the Czech Republic, and conceding to other Russian demands. The false hope was that showing Russia a more conciliatory face would lead it to moderate its conduct. Clinton even handed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a big red button that was supposed to say “reset” in Russian, but in fact said “overcharge.”

On Israel, Clinton participated in a serious, deliberate, and unnecessary sabotage of U.S.-Israel relations. She infamously berated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for 45 minutes over an Israeli government move to build apartments in a Jewish area of Jerusalem. Her State Department relished the chance to join anti-Israel institutions like the UN Human Rights Council. She even compared Israel to Iran, because of the separation of the sexes among some religious Jews.

There are many, many more examples that absolutely and totally refute Hillary Clinton’s claim to have stood up to Putin and defended Israel and other allies. Conversely, there is no record of Clinton ever standing up to President Barack Obama about any of his misguided foreign policies, save for her claim that she supported earlier intervention in Syria.

Clinton has trouble telling the truth about anything, but it takes an additional level of chutzpah to tell such an easily disprovable lie.