Pakistani Christian Documents Violent Muslim Harassment at European Refugee Camp


A Pakistani Christian named Nadeem took secret video footage detailing his life in a refugee camp where he faces harassment and threats on a regular basis. In the video which was posted to YouTube, Nadeem explains that it is Muslims — the majority of which are Syrians that fled their war-torn country — who treat him and his fellow Christians this way.

“We are here [in the Netherlands] for a simple life, a respectful life. And still we have the same problem as [we did in Pakistan],” Nadeem, 30, explained on video. Muslims tormented him for years in his native country, and he is now facing the same threats in the Netherlands, a nation he fled to in order to seek refuge from the rampant discrimination he withstood in the Islamic nation from which he ran away. Pakistan is no stranger to unabashed Islam.

Nadeem shares his room with an Iranian Christian and a Syrian Muslim who is just one of many living in the camp that he says have contributed to making his life and those of his fellow Christians miserable. The video so far has over 24,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted on Tuesday.

Nadeem details in Dutch writing in the video how, despite seeking aid in resolving the issue from the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), the government agency has done nothing to help him. The discrimination he and his Iranian Christian roommate face includes being barred from using the refrigerator in the room they share with the Muslim Syrian refugee because their meat is not Halal (the Muslim standard for meat).

Additionally, devout Muslims are expected to conduct their call to prayer (known as “Namaz”) five times a day. Nadeem says non-Muslims are not permitted into the kitchen during these times and are scolded if they make a peep while the prayers are being conducted. The Muslim refugees have continuously displayed their intolerance through violent reactions, which Nadeem says has left him fearing for his life.

Nadeem also described how his Muslim roommate’s sleep schedule interferes with his ability to live normally. Nadeem said he left the room he shares at 8 a.m. so as not to disturb his Muslim roommate and when he returned at noon he turned on the television, to which his roommate started screaming at him and “aggressively” destroying things in the room.

“Most of the time they wake up all night and sleep all day,” Nadeem explained. He said, “it is not 8 o’clock or 10 o’clock [in the morning] but 12 o’clock in the [afternoon]… so I am not wrong,” to be allowed to watch the T.V., he expressed on video.

Although switching rooms was a suggestion made by authorities, Nadeem said it is not a solution nor an option as this very same appeasement of Muslims is the reason he left his native Pakistan in the first place.

Europe has long seen the effects of Muslim refugees who have left their countries to settle in Western nations. Their refusal to assimilate has contributed to much hostility and difficulty in these countries where western values appear to be replaced with ideologies that run counter to them. Europe’s Muslim “no-go zones” have recently been documented on video as a show of this creeping change.

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