Report: 45 ISIS Fighters Killed by Poisoned Ramadan Meal


Reports surfaced from Iraqi media on Tuesday that 45 Islamic State (ISIS/IS/ISIL) jihadis were killed after ingesting an iftar meal commemorating the conclusion of Ramadan. It remains unclear whether the jihadis, who were breaking their Ramadan fast in Mosul, Iraq, died of food poisoning or intentional poisoning, Haaretz reports.

A Kurdish Democratic Party spokesman said that 145 ISIS militants took part in the iftar meal and that 45 died shortly thereafter.

ISIS fighters have fallen under a similar trap before, according to reports from other Middle East outlets.

In November, Free Syrian Army men who posed as cooks reportedly poisoned ISIS fighters’ meals, killing a dozen, the UK’s Mirror reported, citing the Times of Iraq.

The terrorist group continues to assert almost total control over the city of Mosul after overtaking the city in a June 2014 raid. The city, which is home to over one million, is considered the organization’s de facto capital in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish site BasNews is reporting that many in the city are starving to death, and over 75% are without work.

Thus far, 162 people have died of starvation, according to BasNews, which cites Kurdish Democratic Party official Saed Mamuzini.

“The lack of adequate food and medical supplies as well as incredibly high prices have made the situation intolerable for the people,” said the Kurdish official.

“During one year of IS rule in the city, 9,711 civilians and insurgents have died in Mosul due to violence,” Mamuzini added. “IS militants have recently executed four women accused of spying and arrested 78 others who had visited an IS security station demanding the release of their family members. Over 1,400 under-aged children have been taken to military training camps by the extremist group,” he concluded.


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